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Show Pitch 


We are excited to introduce you to "HairKutz," a sexy, fast moving
half-hour TV sitcom set against the vibrant backdrop of Queens,
, which is touted as the most multicultural county in the world. 

"HairKutz" isn’t just about snips and style; it's a heartwarming
and often hilarious dive into the tangled lives of its characters.
It draws upon the age-old adage that truth is indeed stranger
than fiction, especially within the confines of a busy salon.

Considering the current zeitgeist where viewers are clamoring for rich, diverse content that mirrors the world they see, "HairKutz" is primed to be a hit. We genuinely believe that this show has the potential to resonate with a broad audience, from the young to the old, owing to its universal themes and characters.

Hairkutz has not yet been produced. Season 1 of scripts are ready to go!


Unique Selling Points:

  • Diversity in Action: Set in Queens, NY, the narrative is infused with cultural diversity, showcasing a blend of characters from different ethnic backgrounds and social classes.

  • Relatable Characters: Each individual at HairKutz comes with their own set of eccentricities and idiosyncrasies — from the penny-wise owner Rocco, the stalwart manager Gina, the fireball assistant Rhonda, the snobbish stylist Angel, to the chatty receptionist Mallory.

  • Slice of Life: Beyond the haircuts and makeovers, HairKutz provides a microscopic view into the lives of everyday people, their struggles, joys, and the incessant need for human connection.

  • Celebrity Cameos: HairKutz is a great show to feature celebrity cameos. The running gag is, they were sent to Hairkutz by their mother, who lives down the street. Their new and unique hairstyles help sell the show through viral marketing. 

  • Viral Clips: Short, fast moving scenes are easily turned into TikTok videos marketing the show to new viewers

  • Hair/$$$: Everyone (nearly) has hair and fiddles around with it all the time making the haircare industry the financial juggernaut that it is. It’s a goldmine for commercial sponsorships. US Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to  $92.79bn in 2023. 

Comparables: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Office, Seinfeld

Main Characters:

  • Rocco Caruso: The likable yet frugal owner of HairKutz, an old-school barber with a penchant for gossip and a minor gambling problem.

  • Gina Calabrese Goldstein: The linchpin of HairKutz, Gina is the salon manager and a confidante to many. Organized, punctual, and a magnet for gossip.

  • Rhonda Schiller: The assistant manager with ADHD, Rhonda's energy and drama keep the salon buzzing.

  • Betty Jean Baker: A quirky OCD stylist with a love for Star Trek, Betty Jean combines odd habits with unmatched expertise.

  • Angel Rivera: A stylish gay Puerto Rican stylist/colorist, Angel is the salon's gossip hound, always on the lookout for love.

  • Mallory Rosenthal: The chatty, spoiled, sharp receptionist, Mallory epitomizes the classic "Jewish American Princess." 

  • Nicky Gallo: A clueless Italian mama's boy stylist, Nicky is all heart, style, and loyalty but easily distracted by looks.

  • Lisa Polanski: A vivacious manicurist with a penchant for drama, Lisa's love misadventures are as captivating as her authenticity.

  • Ambrosia Jackson: A bold assistant with wit and drive, Ambrosia mixes salon duties with a side hustle, always shining bright.


The show's opening sequence visualizes each character's journey from their distinct neighborhoods to the salon, emphasizing the multicultural quilt of Queens. A catchy theme song ties it all together.

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